Aufgesetztes Brennholz

The trees removed during forest maintenance provide the raw material for a wide range of everyday products. Firewood is only a by-product of forest management. Mainly higher quality assortments are processed, such as veneer wood, sawn wood and sanding wood. These products do not usually go to consumers but are sold and used in industry.

Wood is a renewable raw material that is managed in the forests of Rhineland-Palatinate according to the principle of sustainability. This means that at most the amount that grows back in the corresponding period is felled. This ensures that wood is provided in a sustainable manner. Firewood is traditionally used to maintain forests. This wood is fresh from the forest and has to dry for two to three summers for optimal combustion.

Refurbishing firewood with a chainsaw is dangerous work. Please think of your own safety and wear protective clothing. Anyone who works with the chain saw must provide proof of expertise. We are happy to help. The Johanniskreuz Forestry Office offers courses for those interested in acquiring a certificate of competence.