Forest youth games at the Forestry Office Johanniskreuz

The forest youth games are offered for 3rd and 7th grades of general education schools in the country, with only 3rd grades starting in Johanniskreuz. During a hiking day, the skills and knowledge of the pupils on the topic of forests are demonstrated in a playful way and are deepened at the same time. With a total of 11 stations on a forest course, students can expect tasks on topics such as forest trees, wild animals, forestry and timber management or forest functions. Exercises and games are also part of the challenge. The participating classes will receive interesting material and cash prizes as well as an unforgettable day in the forest.

If you have any questions about the Forest Youth Games, please contact the Johanniskreuz Forestry Office.

You can get more information about the Forest Youth Games and dates at other locations from the German Forest Protection Association or here.