The Johanniskreuz Forestry Office - located in the heart of the Palatinate Forest - with its seemingly endless forests has always been a classic hiking area. Starting from the junction of the intersecting federal road 48 and country road 499, hiking trails in all directions are available. The surrounding ridges such as Schwarzeneck, Schmalebene, Steinberg or Kleiner Rothenberg are easily accessible on flat or only moderately inclined paths. This star-shaped network of paths also prompted the Palatinate Forest Association, founded in 1902, to have all regional path markings in the Palatinate Forest originate from Johanniskreuz.


Palatinate Forest mountain bike park

The mountain bike park of the Palatinate Forest opened in April 2005 with 20 tours and a total length of over 900 km. The routes were selected by taking into account environmental and nature conservation aspects and are signposted in an exemplary manner. The intersection of all routes is again in Johanniskreuz.

More information about tours, events and much more can be found here.


“Search for traces” hiking trail

There is a 7.4 km loop trail called "Spurensuche". This ‘search for traces’ leads hikers to many sites of cultural and historical interest around the Steinberg. In this way, remains of settlements hidden deep in the forest, boundary stones and other relics from ancient times were made accessible again and saved from being forgotten.
Maps with informative texts and pictures are available from the House of Sustainability.

You can download the flyer for the Trail directly here.


Ziplinepark Elmstein

The Ziplinepark in Elmstein offers a very special nature experience. You can race through treetops on a total of 18 routes. You will experience pure adrenaline as well as a unique view of the surrounding nature. The operators always have important aspects of nature conservation in mind, so that flora and fauna can be protected using a variety of methods and still be experienced in an exciting way.

If you are interested in visiting the park or want more information, you can find it on the homepage of the Ziplinepark.


Nature reserve Karlstal

The romantic gorge and the sea of ​​rocks are known far beyond the borders of the Palatinate. The red sandstone covers the steep slopes covered with old beech trees. In the valley there is only room for a narrow path and the creek of the Moosalb.

You can get more information about this wonderful hiking destination from the Tourist Information Trippstadt.


Fountain hiking trail Heltersberg

The 40 km route around the municipality of Heltersberg leads to a number of fountains. Numerous rest areas and intermediate routes allow a hike according to your own needs in terms of distance and length. A detailed map as well as further information about the “Brunnenwanderweg” can be found on the Waldfischbach-Burgalben website.


Long distance trails

In the Palatinate there are three long distance trails, for example the Palatinate Forest path. With a length of more than 140km, narrow stream valleys and dense forests, it is a special experience and can also be enjoyed in short sections.

Those who want to hike in the centuries-old traces of pilgrims will also get their money's worth. The north route of the Palatinate Way of St. James leads from Speyer via Neustadt, Lambrecht, Elmstein, Johanniskreuz and Landstuhl to the Hornbach Monastery. There is also a connection to the southern route via Johanniskreuz. Both routes lead through unique landscapes, past historic buildings and interesting sights. Numerous signs and the shell point the way.