Distribution of forest ownership

  •     State forest: 16029 ha (of which core areas biosphere reserve 362 ha )
  •     Municipal forest: 3830 ha (7 farms with 109 - 974 ha , 6 farms with 4 - 10 ha )
  •     Other: private forest: 349 ha (Hembach cooperative)
  •     Private forest: 575 ha (2 farms)
  •     Small private forest: 1597 ha

   Total: 22 380 ha

Annual Allowable Cut

The Annual Allowable Cut specifies the amount of wood that can be removed from a certain area per year in terms of sustainability. To keep the impact of harvesting low, there is the so-called ‘Forest management Plan’ which controls the sustainable management of the forests and ensures that health and vitality are not compromised.

  • Annual Allowable Cut in the Johanniskreuz Forestry Office (state forest, community forest, Hembach cooperative) 130313 Fm

Veneered oak

Johanniskreuz is famous for its extensive production of veneer oak which has been performed for over 300 years.

Veneer is the term used to refer to sheets made of valuable, beautifully grained wood, a few millimetres thick, such as those used in the manufacture of furniture or wooden floors. You can read more about this here.

Almost 1000 Fm of valuable oak wood is sold every year in the process of an auction in which the highest bid is accepted. The proceeds from these submissions contribute around 15 % to the annual operating income of the state forest company - and only around 1 % of the annual cut rate.